Intercultural sent off party

On Friday 18 July, 2014 a send off party organized by Paul Munnich and Sophia Schluter. That is two Germany volunteer who came to Young and Lonely Foundation (YLF) and St. Germain School complex to render their volunteering services for one year. The send off party was for them to show appreciation for the socio culture experience with the YLF team, school authorities, staff, and communities especially with the children as well as their interpersonal relationship during their service.

The party started with a speech from the headmaster of the school. He said, on behalf of administration, the staff and the whole student body are very much grateful to Paul and Sophia (the German volunteers) for their dedicated work done during their services and they will never be forgotten for their great effort in the improvement of the school academy work. He added to it that, they should put up their maximum effort to recommend other philanthropists to also come and show love to these children. The school cannot afford to lose people like them because of the great impact they have made. Right after the headmaster’s speech, Paul and Sophia thank the YLF team and the school for their love, kindness and patient to tolerate their time been here. They also said, they are grateful for the wonderful kind of experience they have come to acquire here in Ghana which can also enable them to stay everywhere in the world without facing any difficulties and also wish that other people from overseas will also come and experience it themselves.

Mr Gilbert Germain (Director of YLF) used the platform to express gratitude to all volunteers for their good work done. He also talked about the benefit of volunteers we receive from foreign especially from them. He recommended that, all volunteers who want to render their services in Ghana are most welcome to YLF and Saint Germain School.

The following are the activities that took place:

  • A music was played for the teachers and the two foreign volunteers to dance around chairs as well as the student
  • Dancing competition for both teachers and students
  • Groups dancing (choreography)
  • Music guitar played by Sophia and Paul
  • Pillow fighting( covering of eyes and fighting with pillow)
  • Food and drink serving my Paul and Sophia assisted by other staff members etc

After the whole activities, the headmaster presented a certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement from both YLF and the school for their good work done. Madam Dorothy Eghan (the school’s proprietress) gave a vote of thank to appreciate their time and money for organizing such a program. She also thanked everyone who participated. She entreated them to have a good journey and well stay as they go home.

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