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In order to make an offline donation please go to your local bank and ask for a foreign currency transfer (Auslandsüberweisung). You can make the offline transfer at any bank of your choice.

The transfer will go through the german BHF bank to the HFC bank located in Ghana. Please provide your bank employee with the following account details:

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged!

Important note: We appreciate your generosity and want you to be sure that the money is used 100% to bring forward the project of your choice. Therefore, we will not only provide you with a donation receipt. If you choose so, we will give you a detailed report on how your money was used including pictures of the items we purchased from your donation.


Donation Total: €50.00


For some time now, the school has managed to put up structures, shelter, food, health issues, office/administration items, teaching and learning materials to support the children on their way towards a brighter future. The school would need teaching and learning materials to improve upon the welfare of students as well as upon their academic performance.


St. Germain School Complex is an institution that has been established to support vulnerable children most of them being orphans who have no means for a better livelihood. The provision of educational materials is very important because vulnerable children who otherwise would have no means for professional and moral training in life will get the chance to enjoy quality education.


The beneficiaries are orphans, teenage mothers, brilliant school dropouts, vulnerable women and children with serious problems. We expect the bus to bring about 200 rural children by going for two to three rounds in the morning and in the afternoon at closing time.


With your donation we will buy teaching and learning materials that will help the teachers as well as the students. Items most urgently needed are listed below:

Educational aid

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